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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

TiddlySpace starter

completed by: Aman Ahmed

mentors: astroiseur

TiddlySpace is an application available in the cloud for storing document data that could be edited and online updated. It also means that the stored document data can be shared and used collaboratively. TiddlySpace will use the same wiki-like features based on TiddlyWiki, a non-linear offline text editor. That means that you can document your works in the form of wiki such as in Wikipedia.

This task is to make use of space platform for writing subjects using the hypertext linking capability and wiki-like feature. Each could prepare some writings to be put in the platform and get them published for online/cloud documentation.

Go to and create a new account. Select a preferred username first.

Start working and learning about your new account. Prepare a page or two to be put in the space. Create the subject title and fill-in the body with relevant content.

Learn to use some basic editing feature like in wiki eg. making bold, italic fonts etc. And using the brackets for further hyperlinking within tiddlyspace.

Try to hyperlink any word/term in the page that you have created that requires further explanation like you know how to do it in html. You could hyperlink to outside links as well.

Try to upload an image into the space and include the image in the page using the hyperlinking html command or using the space image inserter.

When completed, give me the link of space that you have created and learn.

Inform if you learn anything new about this space and other features that you found other than basic functions in TiddlySpace.