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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Add local communities in China to the FOSSASIA Community Network through an API

completed by: Nanoappdroid

mentors: Andreas Bräu

Add a local project, community or any other Open Source community in China or any other location in Asia to the FOSSASIA network map on by filling in and adding our sample file to the github repository. Please also add info about the website, blog, twitter, Google+ and Facebook.


The project makes it easy to find communities and projects on a map with links to the websites, social media channels, and automatically updated info from community blogs.

Step by Step

1. Go to and fill in the information about your community in the form and press "OK - generate...". The more information you enter, the better.

2. Your results are displayed on the top right hand side (scroll up after you finished 1). If information is missing or fields are incorrectly filled, you will see it marked under the text box. Fill in or correct the information and generate the API file again.

3. Press the download button and save the file on your PC.

4. Now upload it to the github: You need to make a pull request to

Alternatively you can upload it to your own web space, to your blog, CMS or to your own github service. It is important that the file can be accessed publicly on the Internet.

5. Please copy the link to your web hosted “raw file” on github - the URL.

6. Add the link (URL) of your “raw file” to the FOSSASIA API directory here:

7. Tweet about your upload the following tweet:

I added a new community from "add name of country or city here" to the  network   Check out



Links Blog Post

Github Repository: 

Github Api Directory Files: