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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Write a test that runs on browser to test image dimensions.

completed by: Namanyay

mentors: Aruna Herath


We have a small test that tests whether the uploaded image is of square shape. We need it to be square so that it is viewed nicely in the website.

But currently this test requires nodejs and some npm modules installed to be run. This seems to be a complicated set up for most students.

Instead we need a test that only uses jquery or pure javascript and runs on the browser. So the developer could open an html file (say test.html) and the test scripts will be run locally in the browser.


  • Use the json files in _data folder to find out image names and bring each student and mentor image to the test.html page dynamically (using jquery) and test the length and width.
  • Use mocha. It would give nice UIs and nice structure for your tests.