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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Decrease image size of FOSSASIA 2015 event site

completed by: Tymon Radzik

mentors: Hong Phuc

Please decrease image size of FOSSASIA 2015 event site and keep the original images in a original folder.


The 2015 event site runs on github. The site contains lots of images. It takes some time to load images even in a reasonably faster network connections.

Task Details

  • Please decrease the size of images where possible. You should check the website locally and see if decreasing the size of the image visibly decreases the quality of the site.
  • Decrease the size of speaker and organizer images to 300px*300px where possible.
  • Announce your work on your blog (if you have one), the FOSSASIA facebook page and tweet about it @fossasia and use the hashtag #FOSSASIA on twitter, weibo or other services.


Github repo: