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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Add a photo and credentials of mentors to the FOSSASIA GCI github site

completed by: Phan Duy Duc

mentors: Aruna Herath, Hong Phuc

We have put up a site on In this task we want to pictures and credentials (Facebook, twitter, github, twitter etc.) of mentors to the website. Please research one mentor and find a good picture and links to his online profiles. Add the info to the website. Thank you!

Step by Step

1. Please sign up for github, tell your mentor your username and join the FOSSASIA GCI students team:

2. Fork the Website repository  and make it run on your own repository with Github pages (more info here

3. Add the picture of the mentor in the image folder (Use the right dimension with a ratio 1:1). If you already added yourself in a previous task, please add a mentor from the GCI team to the site, please.

4. Include picture and credentials (blog link, github user name, twitter, facebook - what you like).

5. Make a pull request to merge your changes to the original github repository of

6. Announce your work on your blog (if you have one), the FOSSASIA facebook page and tweet (or weibo) about it @fossasia, and @"the-twitter-name-of-the-mentor". Please use the hashtag #FOSSASIA.



How to use github pages: