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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

design a t-shirt for the Beijing GNU/Linux User Group

completed by: manas taneja

mentors: eMBee

the Beijing GNU/Linux User Group needs a new t-shirt.

your task is to read about the group and propose a design that uses our logo.


start by checking our website at

our logo is here:


you can see the previous t-shirt here:




one idea i'd like to explore is to show the BLUG relationship to other groups in beijing

below are websites and logos for a few groups in beijing. i will look for a few more. try to find a design that connects the BLUG logo above with the logos of the groups below.

consider the color of the t-shirt. for the new design we do not want a black t-shirt.

instead we would prefer something more colorful like orange or green.

orange would be my first choice, but then you need to change the BLUG logo to black.

for the other logos you will also need to try out if the color should be changed to black, or if the original color can be kept.

try to create a few different versions, so we can compare what looks better.


here are links for other groups: