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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Organize documentation

completed by: Xinjie

mentors: Aruna Herath

Important: This task is best completed by a student who is really good and familiar with English.

Visit the Github repo of at

The file is written by developers who are not native English speakers. Find out places that could be better with the language usage or formatting, and fix.

Submit a github pull request with your work.

  • Visit IRC channel #fossasia if you need help
  • During the process of working on this task and/or when you finish it, please tweet about it mentioning @fossasia and using the hashtag #FOSSASIA. Also don't forget to follow FOSSASIA on
  • Also please provide links and info about the task on a blog or website, if possible.
  • Please post your work on the FOSSASIA Facebook<wbr/>fossasia