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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Set up locally

completed by: Engelo

mentors: Aruna Herath


We have a small website for our mentors and students at We recently moved to jekyll instead of using raw html. Github pages, where our website is hosted, support jekyll. This makes it very easy to maintain the website for us.

But the develepment locally is a bit challenging now. If you just open the index.html file locally in a browser before jekyll it'll render nicely, just like it will on the github pages servers. But now only the static parts will render. Jekyll bits need jekyll installed in your system to render.

Currently we use jekyll data files to load students and mentors data.

Your task

Your task is,

Find instructions here and other online resources and set up the environment in your machine to run the website locally.

Write a blog post including screenshots stating your experience of setting the website locally. Discuss the advantages of moving to jekyll for, in your post. Also, please mention this task, gci, and fossasia in your post. Your blog post should be helping and encouraging others to try setting up the website locally.