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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Multitouch Gaming and Media Framework test of libavg on your PC

completed by: Tymon Radzik

mentors: Mario Behling, Ulrich von Zadow

Your task is to install libavg from source and run the test suite on your computer. Then upload your output here as a result. Finally tweet about it under the hashtag #GCI #FOSSASIA and #libavg.

About libavg

libavg allows programmers, multitouch game developers, media artists and designers to quickly develop media applications. It uses python as scripting language and is written in high-speed C++. libavg is a framework for creating applications that use a lot of media, e.g. company showroom installations or museums. libavg is also great for multitouch development. It supports Win7 Touch, Linux Drivers, TUIO and even the Apple Multitouch Trackpad - in short, all major driver models.

How to

Links to step-by-step instructions on how to do this are available online for Ubuntu, Mac OS X and Windows are available below.

These instructions include running tests to make sure everything works on your machine. We are using the results to build knowledge about the stability of libavg on different configurations, so please upload the complete console output of the tests you ran here on Google Melange.

Also, include information about your computer. On a Mac, you can open the System Profiler (About This Mac -> More Info), then choose System Report, File -> Save... . Upload the resulting spx file.


On Linux, upload the output of the following commands:

 $ uname -a
 $ glxinfo


Under Windows, get system information using the instructions here, please:

Be sure to navigate to the instructions for your version of windows, save the System Information to a file and send us the file.

If you run into any problems, please include a copy of the console output when asking for help.


Please use the instructions for Mac here:




Ubuntu instructions:

Windows instructions: