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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Open Source Software in Singapore: Interview three people who are contributors

completed by: Hossain Al Ikram

mentors: Mario Behling

Please create a short interview with three people who are contributors or developers of Open Source Software in Singapore. If it is easier for you, you can make and blog the interview in Chinese, Tamil or Malay and provide a short summary in English. Maybe a teacher or friend can help you.



* Document the interview with pictures, sound recordings and note down answers.
* Publish your content on a blog and tweet the link @fossasia and use the hashtag #FOSSASIA.

Where to find contributors
* You can search online for Linux User Group or an Open Source software like Wordpress or Drupal in conjunction with the name of a city, region or country
* Try search in local languages
* Check out communities on Wikipedia
* Look into mailing lists and local groups e.g. on

Possible Questions
* What is your name and background?
* What do you work on in the Open Source Community?
* What projects are you interested in?
* How did you start contributing to Open Source?
* What did you learn through your contributions in the community?
* How can newcomers join the community and what advice can you give to new contributors?
* What is your future plan in the community? Are you thinking of new projects as well?
* Will you be able to join the meetup of the Open Source community in Asia at FOSSASIA?

Please thank interviewees at the end.

* Please take photos with/of your interviewees
* Ask them for links to their projects and github/bitbucket etc, that you can include in the blog article
* If you take sound, check if you can publish it on your blog
* If you take video, consider publishing it on Youtube and tag it "FOSSASIA"

If you are adjusting pictures or other materials try to use as much as possible Open Source solutions, e.g. Inkscape and Gimp for image manipulation and LibreOffice for text editing.

Do not forget to tweet your interview with @fossasia and add the hashtag #FOSSASIA to your tweet, so we can easily find it.

You find some FOSSASIA image files for your blog post here:

A free Open Source blog service is available at

Enjoy your interviews!