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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

CODE A TODO LIST APP FOR HAIKU - PART 3 - Filesystem backend, queries support

completed by: Adrián Arroyo Calle

mentors: Adrien Destugues - PulkoMandy

A TODO list application was created by a GCI student in a previous task:

It stores the tasks in an sqlite database. Instead, plain files should be used with the following format:

- One task = one file

- File name = task title

- Task description = file content (may use styled text in the same format as StyledEdit

- All other information (closed state of the task, project name, priority) = filesystem attributes

The task files can be stored anywhere on the filesystem, the application should use a filesystem query to locate them and show them all in a list.

Update the application so it doesn't need sqlite anymore and use files as described here instead.