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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Write a lesson or lessons on Haiku's Layout Manager

completed by: waddlesplash

mentors: Urias McCullough, humdinger, Adrien Destugues - PulkoMandy, Dario, nielx

For this task you will be writing a new lesson or series of lessons in the style of the "Programming with Haiku" book.  You will need to read through a few of the lessons in the book to get a feel for its style.  Then you will write one or more follow up lessons explaining how to use Haiku's Layout Manager.  This task will have a follow on task to write a lesson or lessons to show how to localize an app that is using the layout manager.  The lesson should use example code and the example code should be included in the submitted work for this task.

Prior knowledge of Haiku's layout manager will be helpful for this task.