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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

[welcome] Install HaikuPorter and the HaikuPorts recipe database

completed by: ofnlut_

mentors: Scott McCreary, Urias McCullough

You will need to have nightly Haiku installed for this task.

Haiku uses HaikuDepot as it's package manager, but this requires packages and a way to build these packages. We use the tool HaikuPorter to to do this by telling it to read 'recipe' files that contains all the instructions needed to successfully build the package for Haiku. These recipes file can be found in a database called HaikuPorts, which it hosted on Bitbucket.

Head over to the wiki on the HaikuPorts website and go to the section called "Getting started" and follow the instructions on how to install HaikuPorter and the HaikuPorts database.

Now find a recipe that starts with the same letter that your username starts with and build a package with Haikuporter using that recipe. Instructions on how to use haikuporter can be found on this page under the "Building the recipe" section.

If you have correctly edited your haikuports.conf file, you have added you name as PACKAGER. Open the resulting HPKG of your package in Expander, check the box "Show contents" and scroll the list to your name. Upload a screenshot of that directly as PNG.

(Note: Should get to a GCI task that needs a submission of several files in an archive, use ZIP not RAR...)