GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Checkout and compile Haiku

completed by: BlackWolf

mentors: Kacper Kasper, Jerome Duval

No real coding work on this one here, just following instructions and getting things setup for future tasks you might select for Haiku.

Once you have downloaded the code, edit "src/apps/aboutsystem/Credits.h" adding your name in Alphabetical order under the "Contributors" section.  Then build Haiku.

Once it's built, install it and run it.  Open the AboutSystem app from the leaf menu and scroll down to see your name in the credits.  It's only there on your newly built Haiku.  Now take a screenshot by pressing the printscreen key.  Attach this image as your completed work for this task, to show that you've figured out the steps to downloading, modifying, building and running Haiku.