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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Update/correct guide for using VirtualBox (English native speakers only)

completed by: hsun

mentors: Richard Nyhus-Smith, humdinger

We have a guide about Emulating Haiku in VirtualBox that could do with updates and grammatical corrections.

The guide deals with installing from ISO images and running VM images of Haiku. The ISO and VM part is quite OK (aside from exotic grammatical choices at times...), but "Additional Step 3. Expanding the size of the VM hard disk image" should be changed. The "cloning" doesn't seem to work instead you create a second bigger image and install Haiku onto it using Haiku's Installer.

When this task is claimed, the code for the current article will be made available for editing. Make sure not to change any unrelated parts (e.g. white-spaces), so it's easier to compare old <-> new versions.

English must be your mother tongue to work on this.

Screenshots should be made as small as possible and exactly cropped.