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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Improve the DESCRIPTION of 10 packages in HaikuDepot

completed by: Alex Soyoye

mentors: Jessica Hamilton, Emrys, humdinger

Some packages in HaikuDepot have a non-informative, very short, or malformed description (the text describing the package in the "About" tab).

For this task you have to find 10 of those, check out that package's website, or search the web, etc. to gather more information and extend that description.

You have to fork and clone the haikuports repository, make your changes to the package's recipe, commit those changes and create a pull-request at bitbucket. It's therefore helpful to have already created a recipe, but this task is much easier, because the difficult part of porting an app and finding all dependencies etc. isn't needed.


For this task you need to have

  • Haiku installed; get a nightly image and see the Haiku Guides for more information on using Haiku. There's also a Userguide and Welcome page on your Desktop when you boot Haiku.
  • Take special note of the "Description" part of the Guidelines wiki .
  • Submit your work as a plain text file, with the name of the program on a line and the DESCRIPTION="" entry on the line below it.  Do this for ten programs that are in HaikuDepot that have descriptions that are too short.



Check this Google Doc to make sure you're not working on packages that were already done by somebody else.