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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Set up a local instance of Trac with the PyGit2 plugin, and report back

completed by: Nav

mentors: Urias McCullough, nielx

Haiku uses Trac to run our bug tracker and developer wiki. One of the integrations of Trac is with a version control system, git. The default git plugin of Trac is too slow to work on a repository of our size. There is a replacement plugin available, called Trac-Pygit2


  • You have to be comfortable using the command line
  • You know how to use python
  • You know how to install python packages
  • You know how to use git to clone a repository

You will need to prepare the following:

  • Create a virtual python environment that you are going to use to install Trac
  • Set up a Trac instance and use the supplied tracd script to serve it locally
  • Install the Trac-Pygit2 package.
  • Make a clone of the haiku repository.
  • Set up the haiku repository with trac-pygit2

Then make a report of what you find. Try the following:

For each of those operations, document the following:

  • A screenshot
  • The time it took to load the page
  • Whether or not the operation speeded up if you loaded it again (to account for caching)
  • Whether you think it is fast enough

Also document any particularities you found during the process.