GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Update installation path for all font recipes

completed by: Timothy Gu

mentors: Scott McCreary, humdinger

Fonts should be installed in:

  • $fontsDir/otfonts for OTF fonts
  • $fontsDir/psfonts for PS fonts
  • $fontsDir/ttfonts for TTF fonts

Also, some fonts contain a readme file with important information. It should only be included if that's required by its license or if it provides salient information.

Such a readme should be added alonside the font, renamed to "{fontname}.readme", e.g. "Ahem.readme" for the AHem font.

Your task it to check all fonts in media-fonts and, if needed, adjust their recipe.


For this task you need to have

  • Haiku installed; get a nightly image and see the Haiku Guides for more information on using Haiku. There's also a Userguide and Welcome page on your Desktop when you boot Haiku.
  • Haikuporter installed and the haikuports bitbucket cloned, see the "Getting started" wiki page.
  • Studied the haikuporter wiki.
  • Submit your work as pull request to haikuports bitbucket (see "DevelopmentModel" in the wiki).