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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Add missing screenshots for 10 packages in HaikuDepot

completed by: Ante M

mentors: Sergei Reznikov, Emrys, humdinger

A package in HaikuDepot can have screenshots, if applicable. For a commandline tool or library of course it isn't, but applications with a GUI should show some screenshots. Most don't have any yet.


  • For this task you need to have a nightly image of Haiku installed.
  • You have to install the package in question and play with it a bit to find a descriptive situation to screenshoot.
  • Don't show copyrighted or offending material.
  • Provide 3 screenshots per package, showing different windows/configurations/situations.
  • Screenshots have to be taken from within Haiku, which automatically crops along the yellow tabs.
  • The window of the app should be made as small as possible, but still visually pleasing.
  • Upload as PNG, named %name-of-the-app%_%version_%_%shot-nr%.png, for example: wonderbrush_2.1.4-2_1.png for the first screenshot.



Check this Google Doc to make sure you're not working on packages that were already done by somebody else.