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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Create a CLI app to extract bitmap icons as PNG

completed by: :Puckipedia

mentors: Jerome Duval, Kacper Kasper, Dario, humdinger

Old BeOS apps don't have Haiku's vector icons, but a 16x16 and a 32x32 pixel bitmap as attributes of the app's binary. As shown by "listattr":

Type        Size   Name
Mini Icon 256    "BEOS:M:STD_ICON"
Icon        1024   "BEOS:L:STD_ICON"


Your task is to create a CLI tool - working title "extracticons" - that extracts those bitmaps and saves them as PNG (using the TranslationKit) as %app_name%-icon_16.png and %app_name%-icon_32.png.

A --help (or -h) should print the tool's usage.



You have to adhere strictly to Haiku's Coding guidelines.