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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Extend the "exporsitive" tool to export in Chrome format

completed by: Markus Himmel (TwoFx)

mentors: Sergei Reznikov, Kacper Kasper, Adrien Destugues - PulkoMandy, humdinger

Extend the "exporsitive" tool that converts Web+ bookmarks to an HTML file, with the option to convert to Chrome format as well. Change the name to someting more obvious, like "bookmarkconverter".

Follow-up to:


The tool now has to accept the output format as further parameter and give out the help on usage when called without parameters (or when called with -h or --help). E.g.:


Converts WebPositive bookmarks to various formats.

Usage: bookmarkconverter [option] [path]

    -f  --format FORMAT     choses the format (HTML, CHROME)
    -h  --help              prints this help text
    path                    optionally sets the path to the Web+ bookmarks
                            (default: ~/config/settings/WebPositive/Bookmarks)