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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Code a CatKeyEditor app for Haiku -part two-

completed by: :Puckipedia

mentors: mmu_man, Adrien Destugues - PulkoMandy

In this task you will need to make an editor that can edit the cat key files that Haiku uses for translations. We are using an online tool call pootle which works well, but most other large open source operating systems also have a desktop as well as a online tool. It would also help with the translation of 3rd party apps that are not on pootle. 

The app needs to be in C/C++, Python or a mix of all three. You will also need to use Bitbucket, Github or something along those lines. If you needed an extension, first provide us with a link to the repo that you are using, then we will be more than happy to give you an extension.

For part2, you need to create a basic GUI that can import a catkey file from our pootle webapp using its api, that can then edit the downloaded catkey file (or call on another app who can).

You need to contact the pootle developers and discuss authorisation  implementation will allow us to then export the edited catkey file back to our pootle webapp using its api.

The user should also be able to specify via GUI a catkey file located on disk to edit and then save it to disk if they are working on a 3rd party app or using pootles manual download/upload feature. 

It should also report any context notes or translation messages that are have been added to a string and provide pootle filters such as only showing untranslated strings in a catkey. 

Basic support for suggested translations and translation news should also be implemented. You are more than welcome to use code from PoEdit for any feature.

 Part3 will be finishing the GUI and polishing the app by using the layout kit and the localisation kit. It will also cover working with the pootle developers to fix the api write issue.


Pootle can be found here:

Information about catkeys can be found here:

Software you might want to use: