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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Add BFS file attributes support to libarchive ZIP format implementation.

completed by: Markus Himmel (TwoFx)

mentors: mmu_man, Kacper Kasper, Adrien Destugues - PulkoMandy, Jerome Duval

The goal of this task is adding compatible support of Haiku files system (BFS) file attributes to libarchive. At the moment only stock version of zip/unzip can preserve BFS attributes during compressing and extracting.


  • Install Haiku either on real hardware or in Virtual Machine (BTW, I can assist installing VirtualBox so it is obviously recommended by me);
  • Clone libarchive 3.0.3 GIT repository at Use the master branch for your work;
  • Investigate in any way BFS attributes support in Haiku zip/unzip command line tools;
  • Add support of BFS attributes into corresponding libarchive modules. JFYI, for notes about libarchive architecture you can take look on the draft implementation BFS attributes in the BFS.attributes branch.;
  • After completing this task, please provide me with git-formatted patch of your changes with small test program.


Haiku Images (required developer tools are included)

Haiku zip implementation:

Haiku unzip implementation:

Libarchive sources (one of many) cross-referesne:

Good luck!