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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

[nocode] Follow the Attributes workshop in the userguide

completed by: Cocos Daniel

mentors: Scott McCreary, Richard Nyhus-Smith

For this task you will need to have Haiku installed in a hypervisor or on real hardware. Look out for other tasks that will guide you through this process if you do not have Haiku installed yet.

In preparation of this task you will need to read this wiki article about file systems and this article about metadata in order to complete the workshop. 

There are pages on our user guide which also might be helpful as well. You can read about the use of attributes, queries, indexes and filetypes on Haiku systems.

Now follow the instructions in the workshop to make your own database.

Then take a screenshot of your database and submit it here.

Also fill out this google form with what you though of the quality of the documentation:

Then submit it here too.