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[nonode] Use the Haiku User Guide to help you install the game Pipepanic with Haiku Depot

completed by: Alex Soyoye

mentors: Scott McCreary, Richard Nyhus-Smith

For this task you will need to have Haiku installed in a hypervisor or on real hardware. Look out for other tasks that will guide you through this process if you do not have Haiku installed yet.

In preparation of this task you will need to read this wiki article about package management and these two articles about software releases in order to complete the task. 

We have just gained a package management system for Haiku called HaikuDepot. It is only found in the nightlyes and not in R1A4.1, so you will need to use that instead.

Now go to our Welcome page and try to navigate your way to the documention that explains how to use this feature. You should also be able to find a copy of the page on your Haiku desktop. Otherwise you can just search for HaikuDepot in the application menu.

Now find and download the game Pipepanic with HaikuDepot, then take a screenshot of you playing the game.

Submit a screenshot here to finish.