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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

[nocode] Connect with the Haiku Community

completed by: Deepanshu

mentors: Richard Nyhus-Smith, Scott McCreary

For this task you do not have to have Haiku installed.

First, sign up for the HaikuPorts End User and Haiku General Mailing Lists.

If you have any questions during GCI about software for Haiku, just ask on the HaikuPorts End User list!  The Haiku General Mailing List is for connecting with developers, without side tracking their development mailing lists.

Reading the memo on etiquette might come in handy if you have never used mailing lists before.

Next head to the forums and sign up. Either copy your user account URL or make a post on the forum and copy its URL, then submit it here.

Afterwards head to one of the Haiku user groups on social media and ask the group a question about Haiku or about the group itself. Submit the URL here to finish.

Your options are Reddit, Google+ or Facebook