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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

[nocode] Connect with Haiku by Signing up for Openhub and alternativeto.

completed by: Elena

mentors: Scott McCreary, Richard Nyhus-Smith

You do not need to have Haiku installed to complete this task.

You first need sign up to OpenHub, then you need to go to the organisational page for Haiku. Once there, pick a subproject and visit its page on OpenHub and click "I Use This".

You can also affiliate yourself as a Haiku contributor if you are planing to stick around after GCI. You can do this by going to:

Then adding Haiku as an affiliation. 

Submit your public profile here when you are finished. 

Now head over to alturnativeto and sign up with either your email or with a social media account. Then head to Haiku's page and click on the blue love heart to give Haiku a bit of love. Now would also be a good time bookmark the site, as it is pretty handy.

Next go here to add a Haiku app to the website with Haiku as the platform. If you don't know of any apps to add, then you could ask on our General Mailing list, on IRC or on our forums.

Make sure to search to see if the app that you picked in not already on the website, but if that is the case you could still update the details such as adding an icon, making sure it is using the right website or uploading some screenshots of it.

Submit the URL of the app's page here to finish. You might want to take a screenshot of the AddItem wizard in case your submission is flagged for review and you then can not submit the page URL here.