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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Test os-prober patch on Debian

completed by: Josef Gajdusek

mentors: mmu_man, Adrien Destugues - PulkoMandy

The os-prober tool is used by GNU/Linux distributions to detect other installed operating systems, which helps configure the GRUB bootloader menu to allow choosing the operating system at boot time.

The goal of this task is to test the proposed patches to Debian's os-prober tool that detects newer Haiku versions:

The mentioned ticket links to a bazaar repository containing an updated version of os-prober to detect PackageManagement versions of Haiku. It also has a patch to this repository to better describe the detected Haiku revision.

The steps for this task are:

  • Install both a recent nightly build of Haiku and a recent Debian in separate partitions in a virtual machine such as VirtualBox.
  • Install the bazaar Source Control Management client in the Debian partition.
  • Check-out the bazaar repository mentioned in the ticket.
  • Apply the patch mentioned in the ticket.
  • Manually install the required file from this patched repository so that os-prober will use it.
  • Update GRUB's configuration so that the Haiku partition is correctly recognized and appears in the boot menu.
  • Make sure both operating systems boot correctly.
  • Take a screenshot of the boot menu on the virtual machine to prove you actually tested it.
  • Answer the Debian bug report to indicate that you validated it (you'll propose the text as a comment on the GCI task first so we can check it).