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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

Write a page for wikipedia on Haiku-depot that meets encyclopaedic standards

completed by: Taaha Waseem

mentors: Richard Nyhus-Smith

In this task you will need to write an article on wikipedia about Haiku's Package manager HaikuDepot.

This article should introduce the reader to this technology for the first time while being encyclopaedic in nature and citing sources where possible.

You will need to be a native speaker of English and your work must be your own. That means you can not just copy & paste other people's work as your own, as that is cheating/plagiarism. There are anti-plagiarism bots on wikipedia, so it is kind of pointless to try it.

You can quote ('Jones said "bah bah bah" '), you can paraphrase and you use can use a hybrid of the two ('Jones stated beh beh beh "bah bah" beh beh '). This means you can only use other people's work when you admit and give credit to them and their work. 

If you are a German, French or Russian native speaker, then you can ask (on IRC) one of our mentors who speaks these languages to be a mentor for a German, French or Russian verson of this task. Otherwise you are out of luck.

 Check out this link to see a example article of the length and quality that you need to aim for.


DO NOT create a page on wikipedia proper, but create a page in your user sandbox. This allows you to edit the article at your leisure without a wikipedia administrator pestering you that the article is not complete.

While logged into wikipedia,  click here to create a sandbox page.

Once the task is complete it can be moved over to a public page.

You will have to do your own research and you will need to check with the developers on IRC and/or on the mailing list, to get the current status of the app.  

Here are a few useful, but outdated links to start you off: