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Google Code-in 2014 Haiku

[nonode] Use the Haiku User Guide to help you use the stack and tile feature

completed by: Ghost

mentors: Scott McCreary, Richard Nyhus-Smith

For this task you will need to have Haiku installed in a hypervisor or on real hardare. Look out for other tasks that will guide you through this process if you do not have Haiku installed yet.

In preparation of this task you will need to read this wiki article about user interfaces and this article about windowing systems in order to complete the task. 

We have gained a new feature a few years ago that allows us to run windows stacked together like on Google Chrome browser.

At the same time we gained a feature called tiling that allows us to move data from one window to another by joining them together on one side. Where one Window goes, the other window follows it.

Now go to our Welcome page and try to navigate your way to the documention that explains how to use these features. You should also be able to find a copy of the page on your Haiku desktop.

Once you have found the instructions, follow it and take a screenshot of you using the features.

Then fill out this google form with what you though of the quality of the documentation:

After also take a screenshot of the page that says that the form has been competed.

Submit both screenshots here to finish.