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Google Code-in 2014 KDE

Marble: Extend the Tour for Marble and OpenStreetMap

completed by: Ilya Kowalewski

mentors: Dennis Nienhüser, shentey, Torsten Rahn

In a previous set of tasks a tour for Marble and OSM has been created which nicely displays the capabilities of the Tour Panel and of the OpenStreetMap project:

Please watch this tour by enabling the Tour Panel in Settings->Panel->Tour, load it, press the play button and enjoy.

Please extend this nice tour by adding at least 8 places in the OSM map theme. This could be places similar to the ones chosen for the tour so far including.

-  Geoglyphes like seen at 50° 39′ 26.68″ N, 2° 24′ 15.77″ W or   1° 33' 59,8"W,  51° 34' 39,9"N

- Big volcanoes / craters that are easy to spot in OSM (e.g. Etna or an even "better" one)

- UNESCO World Heritage places

- Curious places (e.g. Area 51)

- Tourist Attractions

Again the extension of the tour should be added to the existing tour. It should extend the tour in the same style. If you have questions about the creation of the tour please also ask Mikhail Ivchenko.

Note that the comments inside bestofosm2.kml should be preserved. Unforunately extending and saving the tour will remove comments, so you should try to preserve them by copying over file contents.

The result is the bestofosm3.kml which should be attached to this task.