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Google Code-in 2014 KDE

Pairs KDE Framework 5 Porting: KStandardDirs

completed by: Toby Chen

mentors: Marco Calignano

Pairs is an educational game for kids. This game is undergoing the porting to KDE 5 Framework using also QT5 and QML2. For this porting we are editing the code in the a 'frameworks' branch in the git repository. KStandardDirs is deprecated in KDE Framework 5, and even if is still working using the KDELibs4 support, it won't works in the near future. The Student should find all the occurrences of KStandardDirs and change them using QStandardPaths. Sometimes also KGlobal->dirs() is used together with KStandardDirs, which is also deprecated. The student should change these KGlobal occurrences too. A really good help is this article that the Student should read first. The porting should be done on the code from both programs Pairs and PairsEditor.