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Google Code-in 2014 KDE

GCi landing page for KDE

completed by: Gabriel_Lee

mentors: Lydia Pintscher, Bhushan Shah, Valorie

Our friends at CopyLeftGames created a really excellent beginner task at

Using this task description as your model, create a page for students here: (move the old stuff to a bottom section).

Briefly introduce the KDE community and our software, and explain how to connect to mentors via IRC using freenode's webchat or KDE's irc clients, as on the PySoy page above. Mention creating an Identity account, if necessary a bugzilla account, and link to the KDE user and tech wikis.

Since the tasks are all grouped, please give a useful IRC channel for each category:
1. Code
2. Documentation/Training
3. Outreach/Research
4. Quality Assurance
5. User Interface

Remember what it was like to first encounter Free and Open Source, and smooth the way for beginners. This page should also help out us mentors by briefly showing students how to clearly communicate with us and do the necessary research to complete their tasks.

Remember to use mediawiki's power to make this page easy to use and attractive.