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Google Code-in 2014 KDE

Create an icon for KDE"s Gerrit

completed by: Tomáš Zelina

mentors: Jan Kundrát (jkt)

Right now the Gerrit webapp for code review which we're testing now ( uses Gerrit's own stock icon as the website's favicon. The downside of that is that if someone is simulataneously doing code review for other projects which happen to use Gerrit as well, it is hard to navigate the open tabs that way.

Your job is to create an icon which conveys the meaning that this is a KDE service, and that this is a code review system. Some ideas:

  • gray "K" within a gear to say "KDE", and on top of that red [-] and green [+], similar to the current favicon, to indicate that this is a tool which shows diffs
  • gray "K" within a gear to say "KDE", and on top a green tick mark to say "hey, this is about approving changes"

Please talk to me at #kde-gerrit on Freenode if you need some help.

The result must be available under a sufficiently free FLOSS license to be able to embed this into a webpage without doing crazy things like attaching a text of the license.