GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 KDE

wallpaper for different weather conditions

completed by: Samarpita Gulati

mentors: Andreas K

With the KDE desktop you can offer different wallpapers depending on the weather conditions.


the task is to make wallpapers for the following weather conditions:

  • clear
  • partly cloudy
  • cloudy
  • very cloudy
  • showering
  • scattered showers
  • rainy
  • misty
  • storming
  • hailing
  • snowing
  • scattered snow
  • partly cloudy night
  • cloudy night
  • clear night
  • mixed precipition

It would be awesome to use the konqui images for the wallpapers, but you can also design your own one.

Three wallpapers would be one finished task so good luck and be creative.