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Google Code-in 2014 KDE

Marble:Update recent packages of Marble for KDE 4.14 and OSGeoLive

completed by: Sergey Popov

mentors: Dennis Nienhüser, Torsten Rahn, shentey

Marble is part of the OSGeo organization which creates an educational LiveDVD called "OSGeoLive".

Please download the OSGeoLive 8.0 image from:

You can use the 8.0 VM:

Run it on your computer or on VirtualBox or VMWare.

It's based on Ubuntu Trusty.

Included with the distribution is Marble 1.8. We'd like to see Marble for KDE 4.14 there.

Please check out Marble's source code for this release (see for instructions).

Make sure the latest commits are included:

commit b6663f6585113cd29bafffc07d56971c57185557
Author: Bernhard Beschow <>
Date:   Mon Jan 5 21:52:00 2015 +0100

    make Photo plugin work again
    * Flickr seems to have moved to HTTPS connections only []

commit f041fb6db684efc9d2c80c3f3122437724663335
Author: Mikhail Ivchenko <>
Date:   Thu Jan 1 16:09:38 2015 +0400

    Fix various crashes\issues related to Tours
    Fix crash while creating tour.
    Fix flyTo functionality. Now it remembers altitude.
    Fix issues related to wrong tour duration handling.
    Fix handling of the end of Tour playback.
    REVIEW: 121782

Create a backport for Ubuntu Trusty. This backport must at least include the patches above.

You can verify this by doing the following steps on the OSGeo install with your newly-built packages applied:

  • Enabling the Flicker photo plugin via View->Online Services->Photo should display photos. Please create a screenshot of this feature working with your OSGeo install as a proof.
  • Creating a new Tour via the Tour panel, saving and loading it should work without crashes.
If this works please do general testing that everything that worked previously still works. Ensure that your packages are uploaded to the OSGeo Live repository (e.g. by asking kalxas for it).