GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 KDE

Marble: Add Image and Link to the Add Placemark dialog's description field

completed by: Mikhail Ivchenko

mentors: Dennis Nienhüser, Abhinav Gangwar, Torsten Rahn

Using the existing buttons that have been created in the previous task please add the following features:

- Pressing the image button should make a FileDialog pop up that allows to choose an image. The image should be entered at the text cursor's position with it's original geometry. Changing back to plain text mode should reveal the HTML <img> tag for the image.

- Pressing the link icon should make a dialog popup that has two QlineEdits:

Url: [http://           ]  Name: [                                ]

Clicking the Ok button should add a weblink. Pressing Cancel should cancel the operation. Once the weblink is created  changing back to plain text mode should reveal the HTML <a href=> tag for the weblink.

After completion of this task all functionality that has been added to the description part of the dialog should work as expected.