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Google Code-in 2014 KDE

Interview an Educator/Long term KDE user

completed by: Pc Chou

mentors: nikam

Interview an Educator/Long Term User: Find an educator or KDE software user ( preferably not a KDE developer ) who is using open-source software on regular basis.

* Educator may use KDE education applications like parley, KAlgebra etc to teach.

* A long term product user may be using applications like KMail, Okular on daily basis for some years.

Interview them about their experience as an user, why they use open-source software and why do they prefer KDE. Ask them about the quality, difficulties they face and what additional features/improvement they would like in that product. Post it on a blog, include pictures. Share the blog post through social media and planetkdeKeep in mind the quality of interview should be good.

Ping me once you have finished the task and send me the links for review on #kde-soc (nikam)

Good Luck!