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Google Code-in 2014 KDE

Marble: Create more recent packages of Marble for Marble 1.9 and OSGeoLive

completed by: Sergey Popov

mentors: Dennis Nienhüser, Torsten Rahn

Marble is part of the OSGeo organization which creates an educational LiveDVD called "OSGeoLive".

Please download the OSGeoLive 8.0 image from:

You can use the 8.0 VM:

Run it on your computer or on VirtualBox or VMWare.

It's based on Ubuntu Trusty.

Included with the distribution is Marble 1.8. We'd like to see Marble 1.9 there.

Please check out Marble's source code for Marble 1.9 (see for instructions).

Create a backport for Ubuntu Trusty:

- create a Launchpad account, and create your own ppa
- clone the marble package from upstream ubuntu
- then make a local debian package (with the new marble version) using debuild and pbuilder
- then to upload his/hers package to the ppa
- once done this can be pulled into the OSGeoLive ppa

For questions you can ask on  #marble (for marble source code related questions) or on #osgeolive (on the FreeNode server) and #debian-gis (on the OFTC server) for packaging questions.