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Move Annotation Plugin actions into an "Edit Maps" panel (alternative approach)

completed by: Mikhail Ivchenko

mentors: Dennis Nienhüser, Torsten Rahn, Sanjiban Bairagya, shentey

This task is an alternative approach to

The actions of the annotation plugin are currently visible inside a toolbar and the view menu.

We'd like to have a dedicated "Edit Maps" panel (like for the Tour).

The panel should be deactivated by default. So the user needs to select it from "Settings -> Panels" to make it appear. The annotation plugin, however, should be enabled by default.

The actions should be moved from the toolbar into the panel. To achieve this, AnnotatePlugin::toolbarActionGroups() should be removed and the new panel should be filled using AnnotatePlugin::actionGroups(). Hint: You can achieve the latter by iterating over all RenderPlugins returned by MarbleWidget::renderPlugins() and look for a RenderPlugin whose nameId() equals "annotation".

The actions in the panel should be arranged (and grouped) like in the toolbar - just wrapped in two rows. The first row should contain all actions up to and including "Add Ground Overlay". The second row should contain the rest.