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KDEConnect-Android: Add icons to click actions for touchpad activity

completed by: Artem

mentors: Albert Vaca

Get the icons for right click and middle click that can be found here:

These icons should appear in the action bar for the Touchpad Activity in the KDE Connect Android app instead of the options inside the 'three-dots' menu. The order in the action bar should be: middle click, right click, keyboard. The keyboard icon has to appear always, and the other icons only if there is room for them (you can specify that from the XML). The right click has more priority than the middle click and should be the one to appear if there is only room for one of both (use android:orderInCategory for that).

The drawable name for the icons will be ic_action_rclick and ic_action_mclick.

You only need to change XML to do this, no "real coding" involved, so should be easy!

I want to see how it looks so attach the XML file AND a screenshot of it running (note you will need KDEConnect running on your KDE desktop as well!).

Link to the GIT repo for the Android app: