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Google Code-in 2014 Mifos Initiative

Research our Major Competitors and Complete Matrix on Financial Inclusion Technology Providers

completed by: Gabe Brown

mentors: Edward Cable


There are a number of different software solutions available to manage the operations of a financial institution serving the poor. We track our competition so we can be aware of new trends and latest innovation as well as help to inform our partners and their respective business development strategies in their markets.

    • Competitors to research: Mambu, Cloud Lending, OpenCBS, Temenos, Bankers Realm, Loan Performer
    • Comparison Areas
      • Functional Depth
        • Loan Products Supported
        • Savings Products Supported
        • Insurance Products Supported
        • Payments Products Supported
    • Mobile Delivery & Enablement
      • Mobile Money Integration
      • Mobile Application
    • Technology
      • Deployment Environment
      • Hosted offering?
      • Technology Stack (language, database, etc.)
      • APIs available
      • Offline Access
    • Business Development Model
      • Support
      • Partner Network
      • Pricing Model
    • Basic Company Info
      • Total Customers & Clients Reached
      • Market & Product Positioning
      • Countries/Geographies of Focus
      • Date of Latest Release
      • Annual Revenue
      • Size of Company
      • Recent Major News