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Google Code-in 2014 Mifos Initiative

Research hosting partner programs & terms of service

completed by: Gabe Brown

mentors: Edward Cable

"The primary channel to market for the Mifos software and other solutions is our global network of certified partners. We currently have deployment partners (who distribute and support our Mifos X Community App, Platform Solution Partners (who develop and distribute their own systems, solutions, and products on our platform. A significant customer need is for trusted and reliable hosting and maintenance of Mifos X in the cloud. We are in the process of implementing a Hosting Partner Program and need research done to help us define the standards/requirements of being a Certified Hosted Partner along with the benefits. This task involves researching and documenting hosting partner programs for other cloud-based enterprise software (accountin, ERP, CRM, core banking systems, MIS, etc.). Major areas to document include requirements of being a hosting partner (both financial and technical), terms of service, as well as benefits conveyed to the providers. Deliverable will be a spreadsheet matrix or Google Doc summarizing key findings."