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Google Code-in 2014 Mifos Initiative

Create a volunteer vignette for website based on Star Contributor blog post for Nayan Ambali

completed by: N Leung

mentors: Edward Cable

"On the impact section of our website, we have a series of small stories or vignettes to speak to the impact of each of our major audiences - the customers of our software, our support partners, our volunteers, and the clients being served (3 Billion Maries). This task involves drafting the story/vignette for our volunteers based on a profile that’s already been written for them in their Star Contributor post. This task involves summarizing their Star Contributor blog post and formatting in the style and structure of a Portfolio Item record type on our Wordpress site. This task will be for the vignette on Nayan Ambali, whose star contributor post is located at: Please follow these instructions."