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Google Code-in 2014 Mifos Initiative

Sign up for the various community accounts and introduce yourself on the mailing list #15

completed by: Selina

mentors: Edward Cable


Mailing lists are the primary communication channels in most open source projects so it’s essential that you get comfortable and familiar with conversing openly via the mailing lists. This task involves signing up for our various community web properties and then sending an email to the list ( introducing yourself including the following about yourself: name, your current year in school, where you’re located, what you’re studying and what you hope to gain by participating in GCI with the Mifos Initiative. You’ll also include a list of your usernames for the various community accounts you’ve signed up for:

  1. ​Developer Mailing List at

  2. MifosForge Account (for creating tickets on our issue tracker and editing wiki pages)

  3. MifosConnect (AnswerHub - Q & A site for our community):