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Google Code-in 2014 Mifos Initiative

End to End Slide Presentation

completed by: SanjayR

mentors: Dayna Harp

Mifos X is a powerful open-source core banking system. To provide potential users and supporters an overview of the system we need to have a PowerPoint presentation created.  The screens to be used have been captured.  Your job is to insert the screens into a slideshow and call-out important features of the screen.

You can log on to a demo system so that you can see for yourself how Mifos X works by clicking this link:

The username is GCI, the password is Google.

The PowerPoint template that is to be used and the screen shots can be found at:

This template must be used and can be in either Google Docs or PowerPoint.  There is no other acceptable option.

Take your time, be accurate and do your best.

Good Luck and Thank you!