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Google Code-in 2014 Mifos Initiative

Set up RSS to Email Campaign in Mailchimp to allow visitors to receive blog posts via email

completed by: TARS

mentors: Edward Cable

"Our blog ( is the place where we post content most frequently to our community. Email is still one of the most readily-checked and convenient ways for people to access information so we want to provide a convenient way to get an email for each blog post we make to the site. Previously Feedburner was the best functionality to achieve this but it's been all but deprecated so we want to set up a new means for visitors to our site to subscribe to our blog via email (RSS to Email). Since we use mailchimp for our other online communications, we'll set this up via the RSS to Email functionality. You can follow the instructions at: This task involves setting up a new list in MailChimp, creating an RSS to Email campaign, creating a signup form and inserting this signup form in the website (linked from Blog sidebar)"