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Google Code-in 2014 Mifos Initiative

Research Companies that Serve Financial Inclusion - Africa

completed by: Nigel

mentors: Dayna Harp

Research/Outreach - Africa

The Mifos Initiative sole mission is to provide financial services to the 2.5 billion unbanked in the world. To help with this initiative, we need to know what companies provide financial services to those people living in extreme poverty at the base of the financial pyramid. This is where your research skills come in to play.

Go to this website:

Select the tab labeled COUNTRIES & REGIONS

Using the drop down, “Select a region”, select Africa

Click on “View Region Profile”

Click on the country name (you will repeat the following for each country listed)

Select the middle tab “Organizations.” A list of organizations will appear. This is the list to be used.

For each organization listed gather the following information and present it in a table format:

Type of Organization (Funder, Network, Service Provider)

Contact Name(s)

Contact(s) Title

Contact(s) e-mail