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Google Code-in 2014 Mifos Initiative

MIFOSX-1701: Transfer of Clients between the Groups

completed by: Alex Ivanov

mentors: Markus

Some of the issues found "Transfer Client between Groups" page,
1. Create 2 active Groups - 1. Old Group, 2. New Group.
2. Create 3 clients with same name (2 are Active and other 1 in pending state) under New Group.
3. In Same Group page Click on Transfer Clients button - in Transfer Client between Groups page the above created Clients will get displayed.

> Should not allowed to display the non active clients under Available clients field.
> If All Clients are moved to Selected Clients field then it is not possible to identify the client with name, So ID should also be displayed in Selected Client page.
> If any client is unselected from Selected client field to Available Client field then Client Id is not getting displayed instead it is displayed as "Undefined".