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Google Code-in 2014 Mifos Initiative

Setup Unit Tests for Dashboard & Client Summary Fragments

completed by: Gabriel Esteban

mentors: Ishan Khanna

This task involves coding of Functional and Instrumentation tests (Unit Tests) for the latest Android App. Since it is a fresh code with no prior tests in place, this would be an awesome opportunity for the intern to learn Testing of an Android App using Instrumentation Test Runner on Android inside out. This would be an ideal task for Google Code in students as the tests have to be written with a certain pattern, therefore no prior knowledge about Mifos wouldn't be a major blocker

User must write tests for Dashboard & Client Summary Fragments to prevent any bugs that may cause a problem. At least 10 Tests must be in place.

The tests for following verifications can be setup :

  • Check No View is Null after Activity/Fragment Created
  • Tests for Null Inputs
  • Simple Logic Tests verifying the logic coded
  • Clicks on Elements should result in desired outputs.